The Right Experience

What makes a good Private Investigator?

The best answer starts with another question; What are your goals?

Not all Private Investigators have the same background because there are multiple paths to the investigator’s license.  For instance, working as a police officer counts towards the hours necessary to take the exam, as does working as an insurance adjuster.

The oldest route to an investigator’s license is working for an established detective agency.  California requires 6000 hours of work under a licensed investigator to qualify to take the exam. This path produces investigators who were mentored in investigative techniques by experienced investigators.

Those with military service and a college degree get credit towards the exam, but still must work for an investigative agency to finish getting their required hours.

Each of these paths have their own unique skill sets. The consumer’s task is to match the investigator’s skills to the consumer’s own goals. Matching your goals to investigator’s skills means  you are looking for the investigator who has the right experience.

Former police officers make excellent criminal defense investigators just as former adjusters make excellent workers’ compensation defense investigators.

Investigators who mentored with an established agency have a broad understanding of investigative methodologies and their application.




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