Covert Cameras and Service of Process

EyeglassCameraClear Not every case will merit using a licensed private investigator for service of process.  Most “standard” serves can still be performed by a process server.  For those few matters where the subject to be served is either evasive or hard to find (or both) the services of a good private detective will ultimately save time and money.  Plus, your proof of service will include a color picture of the service, captured by a covert eyeglass camera.

The miniaturization of digital camera technology has brought an explosion of covert camera products to the market place.   Affordable and easy to use, they come with the date and time stamp included in the digital file that contains the video.

In recent years the issue of keeping the date and time stamp on the image after upload was very inconsistent between manufacturers.   Many used a separate file for the images, the audio and the date, causing separation when uploaded from camera to computer.

Thankfully the tech world has worked this out, and current cameras have the image, sound and date/time data all saved in a format that uploads together.

The use of these devices does take expertise, and your investigator has it because we have been using these covert cameras since before they were affordable.   Back then we used analog cables leading to a shoulder bag containing a camcorder recording on Hi8 tapes.

The task was the same; to capture clear, stable video of the subject moving in the public.   Applying this knowledge while performing service of process produces color images of the subject receiving their papers.

Choosing the location of the serve is important as well.  While process servers tend to door knock at the subject’s residence, an investigator will use surveillance on the subject and wait for them to exit their homes before performing the serve.

This technique prevents the subject from evading service and makes sure the video images depict a public setting.

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