Picture of me 4 Hi, I’m James D. Stone.  I live and work in Los Angeles County, California, and I am a licensed private investigator and paralegal.  I’ve worked as a private investigator since 1997, beginning with a California company where I  learned the basics of background checks, locate investigations and surveillance.

In 1998 I was recruited by a national private investigations company, headquartered in Los Angeles, who provided investigations in defense of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.  This firm specialized in deep background investigations which focused on thorough public records research and witness interviews.

Following the 9/11 terror attacks, I found my experiences with my prior employers had provided me with a strong foundation of investigative skills.  I obtained my own private investigator’s licensed in 2002 under the trade name, JD Stone Agency.

With my Paralegal background, I provide professional investigative services with an emphasis on litigation support.  I am especially good at locating and interviewing crucial fact witnesses, getting recorded statements, and serving process.

I provide very thorough research, presented in a summary letter and a detailed report.