Background Investigations

120_files Database Background Check: $125

A summary review of the subject’s identity and indicators of their trustworthiness.  Useful for pre-employment screening, tenant screening, pre-dating background check and many other applications.

  • Confirm’s subject’s full name, date of birth and Social Security Number.
  • Provides residence history.
  • Checks for civil, criminal and bankruptcy files each county found in the subject’s  residence history.

120_EmailTrace Full Database Background: $300

When a background check does not satisfy the Client’s need for a clear picture of the subject, the Full Database Background goes the extra mile to thoroughly search for all available public record in the subject’s name.  

  • Provides the same data as the Background Check.
  • Searches for and discovers all available public records standing in the name of the subject.  Records available on-line at no additional charge are included.  Client has the option of buying some or all of the public records identified by the Full Database Background.
  • Detailed report with summary letter allows the Client to easily digest the results of the investigation or review then in depth.
  • Follow up research is easy to request; on-line, by e-mail or phone.

120_iceberg Deep Background Investigation: Price Varies

This services takes the background investigation into a higher league.  Not just a background review.  This service begins with the same search as the Full Database Background, then joins full records retrieval with interviews of people identified by the public records as having known the subject at some point in time. 

These witnesses are strategically prioritized based on what the witness is likely to know and during what period of the subject’s life did they know them.  Each witness interviewed is asked for the names of others who knew the subject, leading to a growing list of witnesses.  

This methodology can be limited in time and scope, by budget and/or subject matter.  No other investigative methodology provides as much detail of the subject’s life, and JD Stone is an expert in deep background investigations.