240_F_78245839_vvnMnIBPTulOWMqou0P3dEqEpyMzkR1W  Surveillance is probably the most useful and the most well known of the investigator’s tools.  Surveillance techniques are applied to a broad scope of investigations, including worker’s compensation fraud, auto and real property personal injury defense and, most famously, to cheating spouse cases.  We also use surveillance for child custody investigations and for service of process on evasive parties.

Surveillance provides;

  • Discrete review and documentation of the subject’s daily activity.
  • Identity photos of the subject and anyone with whom they meet.
  • Obtain photo of the license plate of the subject’s vehicle, and attempt to do the same for anyone they meet.
  • Focus of photos and videos based on subject matter; personal injury matters focus on the subject’s allegedly injuries while cheating spouse surveillance focuses on indications of intimacy, such as touching and standing face to face.
  • Reports include color photos of the activity documented, and the Client receives brief clips of important action captured on video.
  • All photos and video, known as “raw data,” are included in a separate downloadable drive.

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