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JD was very professional. He spent much time both before and after I hired him. My case was complex; he was really great at brainstorming ideas that I hadn’t even considered before. The $300 fee for a database report was worth it. I feel more informed and will most likely continue moving forward to gather more information on my case. I highly refer him; he can research and gather pertinent information on any subject, criminal or personal. Thank you, JD.

Neda C.  March, 2016

JD Was Very Professional. He spent much more time … my case was complex

An attorney friend of mine referred JD Stone to me and I’ve used JD Stone twice – once to help me locate someone to serve them with process and once to run a background check.

Both times, JD was very prompt and professional, stuck to his word, and took his time explaining the process to me and answering my various questions.

Definitely recommend.

Soo H., Santa Monica, CA  – March, 2017

An attorney friend referred JD Stone